Video On Demand Solutions

Stream high-def video on demand to smartphones, tablets, computers, set-top boxes, and more.​


Enable Adaptive Playback

Stream VOD adaptively to save on bandwidth and storage space while delivering the best playback quality to Android, iOS, and other clients, in any bandwidth conditions.

Stream VOD Files to Any Device

Extend your audience reach by streaming prerecorded video to any player and device, over any protocol, from one set of source files.

Scale VOD Streaming

Scale up to multiserver installations with virtually unlimited capacity. Efficiently fetch VOD content from centralized storage to edge servers using our Quiclips Media Cache package.

Secure Your Content

Choose standard support for RTMP encrypted streams and HLS AES-128 protection or pick from a comprehensive collection of security measures. Plus, the built-in Quiclips DRM package offers full integration with major DRM platforms.

Create VOD Playlists

Use Quiclips server-side playlist functionality to easily create WebTV, MobileTV, or IPTV/OTT linear streaming channels from VOD content. Even intersperse on-demand content with live streams or add advertising to monetize your content.


Hotels and Resorts

Combine real-time interactivity, community participation, and the closest possible experience to “being there” to create auction-like atmospheres that entice customer participation.

Travel Carriers

Stream to any-size audience, anywhere by leveraging cross-platform capabilities and allowing broadcasts from multiple points of view.


Bring the casino to your viewers living rooms by creating virtual gambling environments centered around live sports betting and popular casino games.

How VOD Works

Video on demand (VOD) is a video media distribution system that allows users to access video entertainment without a traditional video entertainment device and without the constraints of a typical static broadcasting schedule.

Quiclips in Video On Demand

Leveraging Quiclips’s well-established audiovisual platforms, globally-deployed cache nodes, and leading AI technologies in audio and video, Quiclips Live Video Platform unveils the core capabilities of live video streaming to provide developers with services such as professional and stable live push, transcoding, distribution, and playback that fully meet the requirements for ultra-low latency, ultra-high image quality, and ultra-high performance to sustain massive volumes of concurrent requests.

“Everything you can watch will be from Quiclips in the future”

Frank Blackwood