Quiclips is used all over the world for MICES (Meetings, Interviews, Conferences, Events, and Seminars)

Quiclips helps you to creat a great business presentation

Record your meeting or presentation for archiving

Many businesses like to record meetings and seminars to be viewed at a later date. These are great for educational purposes, archiving and uploading to your website.

Stream your meeting to offices all over the world

With more people working off-site and from home, being able to stream your presentation or meeting is a great feature thatQuiclips provides. You could even use Quiclips for a live stream of a new product release and display that to a worldwide audience via your website.

Quiclips in MICES

Leveraging Quiclips’s well-established audiovisual platforms, globally-deployed cache nodes, and leading AI technologies in audio and video, Quiclips Live Video Platform unveils the core capabilities of live video streaming to provide developers with services such as professional and stable live push, transcoding, distribution, and playback that fully meet the requirements for ultra-low latency, ultra-high image quality, and ultra-high performance to sustain massive volumes of concurrent requests.

“Everything you can watch will be from Quiclips in the future”

Frank Blackwood