Whether it be for recording of lectures or classrooms, graduation ceremonies or teaching live video production, Quiclips is a great solution for education institutions

For schools and universities that offer off-campus learning, streaming of classes is very important. Quiclips allows you to create HD streams of your lectures that can be seen by students everywhere!

Live stream your classroom

Classroom Presentations

Quiclipps allows you to utilise images, videos and Powerpoint productions that help creating dynamic lectures and classes. The consumption of information is important in an educational setting and by providing all the necessary information in a well presented production you help ensure great outcomes for students.

Keep a copy of your lectures for students

Quiclips provides a convenient one-stop service for the online education industry. Your well-crafted teaching materials and assets can be uploaded through the agile console and APIs and comprehensively protected with two security features: player password and dynamic URL-based hotlink protection. In addition, the open player APIs make it easy to implement various teaching features such as customized time-limited playback and drag-and-drop blocking.

Learn LIVE!

Giving students the opportunity to produce their own school show is a great way to introduce them to video production and broadcasting. Quiclips is used in many schools with children producing their very own shows that can be viewed across the campus!

Quiclips in Eduction

Leveraging Quiclips’s well-established audiovisual platforms, globally-deployed cache nodes, and leading AI technologies in audio and video, Quiclips Live Video Platform unveils the core capabilities of live video streaming to provide developers with services such as professional and stable live push, transcoding, distribution, and playback that fully meet the requirements for ultra-low latency, ultra-high image quality, and ultra-high performance to sustain massive volumes of concurrent requests.

“Everything you can watch will be from Quiclips in the future”

Frank Blackwood